How do you make your art?

We develop our work through many iterations: lots of crude sketches, then paper or cardboard models, and studies to try out new fabrication techniques. Many of our works make use of computer-controlled fabrication machines, especially the laser cutter. We use LED strip for our light-based work controlled by microcontrollers (Arduino, etc).

Can I buy your art?

Currently the work shown is not for sale, but we're available for commissions. We're also exploring opening a web store. If you're interested please get in touch.

Can I use photos of your work on my blog, instagram, etc?

Sure. Please credit us and the photographer and link back to our website.

Can I use your work in a commercial context (marketing campaign, product, etc.)?

We're available for contract work and happy to discuss creating custom designs for your project. Get in touch!

Can I make my own crystals, etc.?

Whenever possible we try to document the techniques we use to create our works and share our discoveries back into the arts community. We encourage you to borrow our techniques and incorporate them into your own practice. However, if you're planning to make derivatives of our work and show them in public, please contact us beforehand. We'd be happy to discuss collaborations.